Jesus said "I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly."


Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh LORD

New, Abundant & Eternal Life

the purpose of these writings and materials is to encourage someone to look up and discover or rediscover the goodness and greatness of God.


Why I said "Yes" to Jesus

I closely examined and considered His claims, character, conduct. I pondered the paradox of the cross and responded to power of His call.  I found His influence on world history and upon my own heart to be indelible, His character impeccable, courage invincible, words imperishable, His love immeasurable and kindness incredible. He said He was the Way, and I believe Him. For the sinner, He is the way “out,” for the seeker, the way “in.” For the fallen, He is the way “up.” For those gone astray, He is the way “back.” For the lost He is the way “home.” He is the Highway, the Freeway, the Narrow Way, and the Only Way. He also said that He is the Truth and I believe the Truth. As Truth, His words were unvarnished as well as untarnished. Truth is untainted, untangled, and without shadow of turning. Truth is “what is,” and Jesus is the “I Am.” Truth is the plumb line, the straight edge, the fulcrum and the tip of the spear. He also said He is Life. He offers to all who believe in Him, New, Abundant, and Eternal life. He was, by His enemies vilified, by birth and life qualified, by prophecy crucified, resurrection justified, and by His ascension glorified. He is the center, the source and the force of my faith. He is my Savior and Lord. Two Thousand years ago He came, He Became, He Overcame, and He said He is Coming Again.  Perhaps Today.   -id


there is a better way





The Church

God described the church, not as a building or an organization, but a body. The church is a "called out assembly" of believers who trust in, follow closely, and rely on the Lord Jesus Christ. She is charged with the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of His coming kingdom and His second coming, which could be today.

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