Pulse Night Club Shooting

Pulse Nightclub, No Pulse
June 12 2016

49 bullet-ridden bodies lay where they fell lifeless in a gay night club in Orlando. An Islamic terrorist crashed the dance party, went into jihad overdrive, and in the name of ISIS, Islam, or insanity murdered or wounded over one hundred people. The killer sprayed his victims with bullets, stalked and followed them into their hiding places, (bathrooms, and broom closets) and fired point blank in a frenzy and fury leaving death, chaos and carnage behind. Police arrived and saved many, but it was nearly three hours, after the music stopped, that the shooter was himself shot to death. The first responders walked onto the dance floor and killing field and called out, “If you are alive, raise your hand.” Slowly a hand went up here and another there. Ambulances, cars and pickup trucks were used to transport the wounded survivors to area hospitals. Very soon a perimeter was set around the crime scene and forensic experts began to tag, chart, and diagram bodies almost in unbelief. The eerie silence during the grim police work was punctuated with the sound of ring tones and smart phones going off near the cooling corpses as friends, parents, and family tried desperately to reach their loved one, praying that they would answer. They did not. God also is trying to reach a loved one. God is calling America. If you hear his holy voice raise your hand. If you still have a heart beat there is hope. In this sin-cursed crazy world many more will grieve, many more will become angry, many will look for someone or something to blame. America has a sin problem. If you are still alive, raise your hand, open your heart, let the real Prince of Peace come in. Be born again and feel the pulse of eternal life and live with God forever. -id