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God in Handcuffs

“When they had bound him...." Matt. 27:2


e sing a hymn in worship, “What was it blessed God, led thee to give thy Son?” The answer is in the refrain, “Thy love unbounded, led Thee thus, to give Thy Well-beloved to us.”  You can try to bind the hands of God, but you cannot bind his love, it is boundless. Jesus Christ is passing by, having come from his home on high. He could have snapped those cords in two, for none can bind his love for you. Sinful men may tie his hands, but none can thwart the Father’s plans. Christ gladly did the Father’s will as he climbed the ridge of Calvary’s hill. For he was “bound” to take thy place, and offer to all amazing grace. He could have broken spikes and cross, and into Hell all sinners toss. ‘Though His love’s so large, so deep and wide,  what binds the sinner, is their pride. In the Scripture this, a warning found: God’s written word cannot be bound.  Show on the table each simple token, remember “the  Scripture cannot be broken.”  Untie Christ’s hands, believe, repent. For to die for thee, was Jesus sent. -id