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“And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage” Ex.1:14


Exodus begins with bondage.  Israel is in chains.  The children of Abraham had become a nation of slaves.  We are all born in prison.  We are all born in sin.  And who is not a slave to someone or something?  Exodus is the story of Israel’s and our deliverance.

 Israel, means “Prince of God.”  These children of Israel were living far below their potential.  God made them for better things than this.  Today there are still millions living in some spiritual Egypt, living far lower than God ever intended, living in bondage to sin.

 Egypt is most famous for its pyramids, especially those that still tower over the sands of Giza.  As impressive as these ancient archeological wonders are, it should be pointed out (to put things in their proper perspective), that these are merely tombstones.  Although they seem to be  larger than life, and although they were filled with Pharaoh’s gold, they were also filled with Pharaoh’s bones.  The most impressive tomb this world has ever seen was not the Giza tomb, but the garden tomb, not the one that was full, rather the one that was empty.  Exodus is the story of the great escape.  Christianity is the story of a greater salvation and deliverance. 

 The story begins with an incarceration of a people by a “king who knew not Joseph.”   This ignorance was an awful crown to wear.  A man could know everything and still be a spiritual ignoramus if he knows not God.  Worst than that, Pharaoh was brought up to believe that somehow he was god.  Before we shake our heads at him however, let us not forget a whole generation that has cut its teeth on the teething ring of humanism that also worships at the altars of self-gratification and indulgence.

 Egypt was the most educated and intelligent nation on earth.  Pharaoh and the sons of Pharaoh knew about astronomy, geography, metallurgy, geometry, geology, agriculture, and architecture.  Yet they did not know God.  They worshipped rivers, and rocks, and creatures of the earth.  They enjoyed the treasures and pleasures of this world.  They were sensual and superstitious.  Religion ruled Egypt.  It permeated every aspect of daily life.  Religion can be the worst bondage of all because it cleverly disguises the chain that some put around their neck not realizing it is in fact a  noose. 

 The king “knew not Joseph.”  What would America be if our school children “knew not Washington,” or “knew not Lincoln?”  The saddest nation is not the one who “knows not Joseph” it is the one who knows not JEHOVAH.  All the treasures, pleasures, and riches of this world are but trinkets in a molding mummy’s tomb when compared to the things God has prepared for those who know and love him.

 “And this is live eternal, that men might know thee, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.”  John 17:3